Welcome to Community Groundz

My name is Trudy or you might see me online as Tru Dee!  (My grandson created that for me when I was playing Clash of Clans!!) .  I am based on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I am close enough to Cabbage Tree Harbor to be able to swim in the ocean each day.

Say Hello to Cabbage Tree Harbour, Australia.

Community Groundz came about through my own life experiences coupled through inspired dreams and messages.

Community Groundz is a grassroots movement of inspired individuals who have come together that believe in the simple ethos of Being Kind, Living in Peace and as a Community put Hope into Action.

We encourage sharing of ideas, adventures and

  • We believe in getting dirt under your fingernails
  • We thrive and recharge when we get together as a family and community.
  • Everyone should have adventures, no matter what the age!
  • Slippers, tea, and a fluffy friend should be mandatory business requirements
  • We insist on opening the windows during all weather
  • The Easter Bunny and Father Christmas only comes if you believe
  • In a pinch, a Vegemite sandwich qualifies as lunch or dinner
  • You don’t have to speak, you can just hang out together
  • If it makes us laugh, you’re not in trouble
  • Jack, Bruno, Ellie & Buster plus all the fish and birds were family.
  • Frogs and worms are cute, not gross
  • We celebrate success, give feedback and debrief when necessary. We just keep finding new paths or routes to take.
  • We have uncomfortable conversations when necessary.
  • When the going gets tough, it’s OK to just hug and breathe for awhile.

I am sure there are other “Trudyisms” as my family like to call them.  I will add to the list as they come up!!.

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